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A journey to better health! 

I was introduced to the products in July 2011 by my friend. At that time I thought I was reasonably healthy. Being a medical doctor myself, I was very skeptical about nutrition, never really having studied it much in medical school. I started on the products without any real expectation, but after 3 weeks I noticed I had a lot more energy and stamina and all fatigue from 24 years living in the tropics became so much less; I actually could add some hours of productivity to my days. Also my trouble with chronic constipation from when I was in my 20's became a thing of the past. Soon after some knee discomfort got better.....I was surprised and happy about all of this, so I continued on the products, even increasing my intake. Then, about 8 or 9 months into using this nutrition, my greatest result came, to my great surprise. I have had bad sciatica problems over the last 26 years due to a crack in my disc which developed into degenerative disc disease over several levels. I could not swim for long, bike, carry heavy things, bend over to do dishes, and I had not slept on my left side for 26 mistake and I had to resort to the bed for a few days. But now, while on the Reliv nutrition, I noticed the usual muscle twitches in my right leg started to become a lot less and gradually I was also able to do more without causing discomfort . The following summer I biked for hours through the dunes without any problems. Today, at age 63, I am swimming many laps without discomfort, am running and exercising,  and also can sleep on my left side again!! Though I remain careful, I have no restrictions anymore and can do all the things I like to do.
At first I was using 2 shakes a day with one full scoop of Reliv Classic, half a scoop of Innergize and half a scoop of FibRestore. Then I increased the Reliv Classic to 2 scoops which made the difference. At present I am on the same regime but have added Arthaffect and LunaRich X capsules. 

Besides the above results, my cholesterol came down into the healthy range, my immune system is strong, and my post menopausal bones are healthy like those of a 30 year old. 

I can't say enough about these perfectly balanced nutritional supplements, they really work in giving the body all it needs to heal itself. I have seen great results in other family members also.  My passion is to help many others to better health!